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Adult Residential Facility (ARF) 35-Hour Administrator ICTP Training

Initial Certification Training Program, (ICTP) is designed for participants who desired to pursue a career in opening a facility or becoming an administrator.  This course is mandatory per Department of Social Service Title 22 regulations Division 6, Chapter 6, Section 80064.2, for any person wishing to perform duties as an administrator in an Adult Residential Facility ages 18-59. Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas: Law & Regulations, Business Operations, Management & Supervision, Psycho-social Needs, Community & Support Services, Physical Needs, Medication, Admission & Assessment Retention, Emergency Intervention Non-Violent and Cultural Competency.

Note: Be sure to read the course registration disclaimer below prior to registering for this course. 

Course Registration Disclaimer


Courses are nonrefundable; however, you have up to 24 hours following a purchase to cancel the without penalty and receive a full refund after purchase onto your original credit card.


  • No Shows: Participants who do not show up for class will not be given a refund.

  • Late Arrival: Participants will not be allowed in class after registration period has closed. Participants will have the option to enroll in upcoming class with no additional fees.

  • Make Up Classes: Hope & Future Training understands circumstances do arise and will allow participants to make up classes with notice. Participants will be responsible for notifying Hope & Future Training via email at within 24 hours prior to next class date. A fee of $25 will be charged, participants will only be able to make-up one day. Upon approval of make up day participant will be notified to schedule make up day within an upcoming class.

Lunch and Other Break Periods:

Two 10-minute breaks and a 30-minute lunch break is given for courses that are more than 6 hours. Participants returning late to class will be subject to make up time and fee.

Failed Exam Policy:

If you fail state exam within the 60 day period after you complete the Initial Certification course, you have up to 30 days to contact us, via email at to re-take the Initial Certification class at only $25 per day, instead of the full cost.

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