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A Hope and Future Enterprises was founded by Latiesha Martin with the desire to create a sustainable platform of programs, tools, and resources and promote effective operation and staffing for residential care management. Latiesha has worked in the Human Services field for well over 10 years with expertise in vulnerable populations that include the developmentally disabled and those considered at-risk. She advocates for supportive living services, direct care, adult residential facility administration, and general human services. She facilitates training in partnership with the State of California Department of Developmental Services and the the Department of Social Services. Over the years, Latiesha has become proficient in the knowledge and use of California State Regulations associated with residential care management.

Latiesha believes in connecting with people from all walks of life. She enjoys creating experiences that benefit people on an individual level. She is committed to serving her community and building the soft skills, technical skills, and developmental skills necessary to advance people. Her leadership style is flexible as she wants the opportunity bridge gaps where ever possible. Latiesha prides herself on being honest, personable, and operating in the highest integrity.


Our mission is to provide "best-in-class" training, consulting, and administrative services to residential care facilities and their constituents. 


Our vision is to create long-term professional relationships with facility staff and leadership to bridge service gaps. 


Our focus is to create residential facilities that operate like safe-havens preserving the rights of our clients. 

Core Values

We pride ourselves on a set of principles and core values that enable us to support the short and long-term needs of our clients and stakeholders. Our core values was created to support our CARE approach to client service: (1) Collaboration, (2) Accountability, (3) Reliability, and (4) Empathy. 

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